Hate speech researchers sued by X accuse Musk of being an “authoritarian”


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...Musk, Yaccarino, and the new brand safety and suitability leader. These leaders will be tasked with proving that limiting reach of harmful posts can make a platform just as safe as reducing overall volume of harmful posts.

Under the philosophy that poisoning only a few people is better than poisoning a lot of people, one imagines.
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Accuse of him being an authoritarian? I think it's a pretty well-established fact that Musk is the stereotypical, hypocritical, arrogant, ignorant authoritarian douchebag. But it's also been fascinating seeing the true face of alt-right America and just how fucking impossibly stupid they are as a collective. They're are like an army of ants marching around in a circle until they die, too stupid to understand what they're doing.
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Holy shit Musk, can you kindly fuck off into oblivion? Just because someone is calling you out on your lies doesn't mean you can sue them.

I'm tired of all these right wing losers claiming that anything that isn't "pure white heterosexual male" as immoral. News flash Musk you invited hate speech via Nazis, anti-LGTBQ and anti-women the second you bought it and fired the moderators.
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The same day that X sued the CCDH, Musk and Yaccarino announced that they will both now oversee X's trust and safety team, Reuters reported.

OK, let's be clear here, Yaccarino is overseeing jack shit. There's no way Musk allows her to make a single decision about what the trust and safety team are doing or concluding.
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The “evil” British Labour Party?

The political party that is led by a very respected former UK Director of Public Prosecutions? (I don’t know the US equivalent but think Director of the FBI or similar)

The political party that is currently polling approx 20%+ ahead of the shambolic and lawbreaking but currently ruling Conservative Party and is set to (hopefully) win the next UK General Election in about (tbc) 8 months time?

Way to go Mr X if you were hoping to keep UK lawmakers onside next year ahead of a possible in-depth EU investigation into hate speech and other issues on Twitter.

(Even after Brexit, EU legal decisions still deeply influence the UK, and historically speaking Labour governments have been more keen on implementing EU rulings than Conservative governments.)
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X's blog explained why Musk's philosophy on brand safety is crucial to promote as much free expression on the platform as possible—but to embrace that philosophy requires users to trust in Musk's metrics.

"Free expression and platform safety are not at odds," X's blog said. "We are proving this every day through innovative enforcement policies that have helped reduce hateful content viewed on the platform."
Well, given Musk replatformed White Supremacists, and Trump, and just invited Ye back to Twitter, and unbanned a guy who was spreading CSAM (lying about how many people had seen the content in question), and removed language about deadnaming from the posting guidelines but calls "cisgender" a slur, and how he completely fucked over NPR by falsely equating them with RT based on some right-wing asshole's flippant remark...

I guess we should trust them about how much hateful content is on their platform?
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But who is funding this overseas dark money group—Big Tech? Billionaire activists? Foreign governments? We have no idea. Americans deserve to know what foreign interests are attempting to influence American democracy.
Agreed - let's start by getting rid of any form of anonymous political campaign contributions!
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This is so delusional, I'd almost expect the next thing we'll see is Musk suing the advertisers for leaving because they believed the fact that their ads were displayed on posts promoting hate speech, then he'll go after the individual power users for closing their accounts.

God, what an asshole idiot.
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