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  1. Internet providers that won FCC grants try to escape broadband commitments

    "Coalition of RDOF Winners" lobbies FCC but won't reveal its full member list.

  2. Embarrassed about paying Musk for Twitter Blue? You can hide the checkmark now

    From verification symbol to source of shame: Paying users can hide blue checks.

  3. IRS vows to digitize all taxpayer documents by 2025 [Updated]

    All documents will be digitized as soon as they arrive at the IRS.

  4. Meta loses battle in EU, will ask for consent to show personalized ads [Updated]

    Changes will impact Facebook, Instagram users in Europe as early as this fall.

  5. X sues hate speech researchers whose “scare campaign” spooked Twitter advertisers

    Lawsuit comes as Musk and Yaccarino seize control of X's trust and safety team.

  6. Reddit beats film industry, won’t have to identify users who admitted torrenting

    Court quashes subpoena for names of users who talked torrenting in 2011 thread.

  7. Facebook to unmask anonymous Dutch user accused of repeated defamatory posts

    Court decides the posts can stay up, but the user's identity must be revealed.

  8. “Blaze your glory!”—Twitter’s “X” becomes first one-letter iPhone app

    Previously, Apple required a minimum of two characters in iPhone app names.

  9. Arizona law school embraces ChatGPT use in student applications

    School's embrace of AI comes as others clamp down on tech-assisted applications.

  10. Musk and building inspectors in standoff over giant neon X sign [Updated]

    There are currently two active investigations into Twitter's HQ signage changes.

  11. Instead of obtaining a warrant, the NSA would like to keep buying your data

    The agency opposes an amendment that prevents it from using data brokers.

  12. Reddit calls for “a few new mods” after axing, polarizing some of its best

    Will Reddit get quality replacements? "Not a snowball's chance in hell."

  1. Most of the 100 million people who signed up for Threads stopped using it

    "We're seeing more people coming back daily than I'd expected," Zuckerberg said.

  2. Did Facebook fuel political polarization during the 2020 election? It’s complicated.

    There's strong ideological segregation, but proposed interventions didn't change attitudes.

  3. Tesla exaggerated EV range so much that drivers thought cars were broken

    Inundated with complaints, Tesla created "Diversion Team" to cancel appointments.

  4. Microsoft Teams + Office bundle leads to official EU antitrust probe

    It's Microsoft's first formal EU antitrust investigation in over a decade.

  5. Twitter commandeers @X username from man who had it since 2007

    Twitter took Gene X Hwang's username and only offered him "some merch."

  6. FCC chair: Speed standard of 25Mbps down, 3Mbps up isn’t good enough anymore

    Chair proposes 100Mbps national standard and an evaluation of broadband prices.

  7. Musk plans Supreme Court appeal after losing bid to terminate SEC settlement

    Supreme Court is Musk's last option as judges uphold limits on his Tesla tweets.

  8. Jury orders Google to pay $339M for patent-infringing Chromecast 

    Google plans to appeal.

  9. Musk rushes out new Twitter logo—it’s just an X that someone tweeted at him

    X logo looks like a Unicode symbol and the lower-case x from a Monotype font.

  10. Ready for your eye scan? Worldcoin launches—but not quite worldwide

    "The US does not make or break a project like this," says OpenAI chief.

  11. OpenAI, Google will watermark AI-generated content to hinder deepfakes, misinfo

    Seven companies promised Biden they would take concrete steps to enhance AI safety.

  12. Fed’s new instant payment system could be trouble for PayPal, Venmo

    The Fed's goal is to connect 9,000 financial institutions nationwide.

  1. No apologies as Reddit halfheartedly tries to repair ties with moderators

    Disenchanted mods Ars spoke with want change, not more communication.

  2. Musk subpoenas Elizabeth Warren days after she called for Tesla investigation

    Warren urged SEC to examine Musk's actions while running Twitter and Tesla.

  3. Microsoft to stop locking vital security logs behind $57-per-user monthly plan

    US agency urged Microsoft to expand access to logs that can identify cyberattacks.

  4. TSMC delays US chip fab opening, says US talent is insufficient [Updated]

    Arizona chip factory won't be operational until 2025, TSMC said.

  5. Meta tells news publishers to talk to the hand

    Growing rift with publishers has Meta downgrading news on Threads, Facebook.

  6. FTC rewrites rules on Big Tech mergers with aim to ease monopoly-busting

    Merger rules currently stacked in favor of monopolists, critics say.

  7. AT&T says lead cables in Lake Tahoe “pose no danger” and should stay in place

    AT&T may have nearly 200,000 miles of lead-covered phone cables across US.

  8. Fear, loathing, and excitement as Threads adopts open standard used by Mastodon

    Meta promised to make Threads compatible with W3C open standard for social media.

  9. Musk, Tesla board to return $735M after being sued for overpaying themselves

    Shareholder lawsuit said Tesla board pay "grossly exceeds" corporate norms.

  10. Norway has had it with Meta, threatens $100K fines for data violations

    "It is so clear that this is illegal," Norwegian regulator said.

  11. Typo leaks millions of US military emails to Mali web operator

    Spelling error misdirected sensitive Pentagon messages to company running Mali’s TLD.

  12. AT&T stock fell to 29-year low on Friday and sank another 6.7% today

    AT&T, Verizon, Frontier, and Lumen all get hammered after lead-cable reports.